Plants, flowers, macro work, some landscapes and also abstract-experimental photography on nature subjects. Pictures taken in the field as well as in my 'kitchen studio'. Mostly color photography but also some black-and-whites. The nature collection is not very big at the time but still growing. If you are looking for animals, please visit Animals & Wildlife on this site.  

Flowers I

Leafs, Trees & Plants I

Landscapes I

Flowers II

Leafs, Trees & Plants II

Flowers III

Landscapes II

Flowers IV

Landscapes III

Flowers V

Landscapes IV

Flowers VI

Mushrooms I

Aerial I

Aerial II

Landscapes V

Landscapes VI

Flowers VII

Flowers VIII

Aerial III

Landscapes VII

Flowers IX

Landscapes VIII

Mushrooms II

Flowers X

Landscapes IX

Mushrooms III

Landscapes X

Flowers XI

Landscapes XI

Landscapes XII

Landscapes XIII

Mushrooms IV