'Urban & Cityscapes' means urban life, street photography and architectural photographs. Things that can be seen in places, were people live. There is no special concept, just a mixed selection. Most of the photographs have been and are taken in my hometown. Especially for people not coming from Germany, it might be interesting to have a look here. Color and black-and-white photography.

Bielefeld Part I


Bielefeld Part II

Carnival of Cultures I

Bielefeld Part III

Brennen für Bielefeld

Bielefeld Part IV

Bielefeld Part V

Bielefeld Part VI

Carnival of Cultures II

Bielefeld Part VII

Bielefeld City Jam 2015

Bielefeld Part VIII

Bielefeld Part IX

Bielefeld Part X

Urban Photography I

Carnival of Cultures III

Urban Photography II

Bielefeld City Jam 2016

Urban Photography III

Urban Photography IV

Urban Photography V

Bielefeld City Jam 2017 I

Bielefeld City Jam 2017 II

Bielefeld Part XI

Bielefeld Part XII