Kirchdornberg is a district on the western outskirts of Bielefeld in the Teutoburger Forest. The area is dominated by hills and fields and does not remind you of a big city. Even if Kirchdornberg is just a few kilometers away from the city center. The place has been inhabited since the Middle Ages. The oldest building is the 'Peterskirche' (St. Peters Church) with its tower from the 11th century. The photographs were taken on a morning in May 2018.


Power line poles

Power line poles at dawn (Kirchdornberg, Bielefeld).


Dawn on a country road

Dawn on a country road near Kirchdornberg (Bielefeld).


Sunrise in the fields (Hoberger Feldmark)

Sunrise in the field of the Hoberger Feldmark near Kirchdornberg (Bielefeld).


Kirchdornberg in the fields

Kirchdornberg in the fields at 6 am (Bielefeld).



Kirchdornberg (Bielefeld).

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