This year the 'Bürgerpark' in Bielefeld has turned 100 years old. The park is located in the west of the city in the immediate vicinity of the 'Rudolf-Oetker-Halle'. When the park was created, Bielefeld was much smaller than it is today and the area was more on the outskirts of the city. Originally - i.e. until 1919 - a clay pit was located here, which was then redesigned into today's park after its closure.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the Bielefeld Philharmonic Orchestra together with the Thilo Wolf Jazz Quartet and the singer Joan Faulkner gave a wonderful concert in the 'Bürgerpark' on 5 July 2019. At the end of the concert there was a big fireworks display, which was created by the Bielefeld company Flash Art. Around 7000 visitors attended the event.


vielHarmonie #1

vielHarmonie 2019 - Feuerwerk in the Bürgerpark


vielHarmonie #2

vielHarmonie 2019 - Feuerwerk in the Bürgerpark


vielHarmonie #3

vielHarmonie 2019 - Feuerwerk in the Bürgerpark


vielHarmonie #4

vielHarmonie 2019 - Feuerwerk in the Bürgerpark


vielHarmonie #5

vielHarmonie 2019 - Feuerwerk in the Bürgerpark

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Summer in Bielefeld. Last weekend I was on the road with the Leica CL. In the 'Bürgerpark', right next to the 'Rudolf-Oetker-Halle' and on the way back with the tram in front of the town hall. Late in the evening I took a photo of the new Chamber of Crafts ('Campus Handwerk'). All photos were taken with the Leica Super-Vario-Elmar-TL 3.5-4.5/ 11-23 mm ASPH.



Rudolf-Oetker-Halle at sunset


Summer evening - Bürgerpark

Summer evening - Bürgerpark in Bielefeld


Tram stop at Town Hall

Tram stop at the Town Hall in Bielefeld


Campus Handwerk

Campus Handwerk in Bielefeld

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The new campus of the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld very early in the morning shortly after sunrise. The building is only a few years old. I think it has succeeded quite well.

The photo was taken during a walk with the Leica CL and the Leica Super-Vario-Elmar-TL 3.5-4.5 / 11-23 mm ASPH lens.


University of Applied Sciences at sunrise

University of applied sciences at sunrise

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It's hard to believe, but Bielefeld has a Japanese garden! It is a bit hidden in the Gadderbaum district. The garden is a show garden, which you are allowed to look at but not enter.

The Japanese Garden was created in 2003 by the German-Japanese Society Bielefeld. A really beautiful and in East Westphalia unique place, which is worth to visit in any case.


Japanese Garden (Bielefeld-Gadderbaum)

Japanese Garden in Bielefeld-Gadderbaum

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Brackwede is a district of Bielefeld. In contrast to the city centre, Brackwede lies south of the Teutoburg Forest. Until the mid-1970s, today's district was an independent municipality.

Brackwede also has its own small railway station, which was a bit run down over the years. Now modernisation work has begun and a temporary bridge was built over the railway embankment to provide access to the tracks.


Brackwede railway station

Brackwede railway station


Temporary bridge

Temporary bridge at Brackwede railway station


Passing trains (Brackwede railway station)

Passing trains at Brackwede railway station

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The 'Leinewebermarkt' also includes a small fair with various rides. Here is a small selection.


Ferris wheel in the clouds

Ferris wheel in the clouds at Leinewebermarkt



Hangover at Leinewebermarkt


In the sky with Hangover

In the sky with Hangover at Leinewebermarkt


Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel at Leinewebermarkt

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Since 1974, the 'Leinewebermarkt' has taken place regularly every year in the old town of Bielefeld and is one of the largest folk festivals in East Westphalia. In 2019 about 400,000 people visited the 'Leinewebermarkt'. The term 'Leinewebermarkt' (linen weaver's market) has its origin in the long tradition of linen processing in Bielefeld. In the 'Ravensburger Land', to which the town of Bielefeld belongs, the cultivation of flax and its processing into linen was an important agricultural activity for centuries. Today, linen no longer plays an economic role. However, the tradition has given rise to many companies in the textile industry, some of which still exist today.

The photographs were taken at some of the most important places in the city centre of Bielefeld.


Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square)

Leinewebermarkt at the 'Rathausplatz'


Altstädter Kirchplatz (Old Town Church Square)

Leinewebermarkt at 'Altstädter Kirchplatz'



Leinewebermarkt at 'Obernstraße'


Alter Markt (Old Market)

Leinewebermarkt at 'Alter Markt'


Leineweberdenkmal (Linen Weaver Monument)

At the 'Leineweberdenkmal'

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Photos from the concert of Lord Bishop and his band at the Leinewebermarkt. Saturday, 1 June 2019 at the 'Klosterplatz' in Bielefeld. Great music, great show!


Lord Bishop Rocks - Klosterplatz, Leinewebermarkt 2019

Lord Bishop Rocks - Klosterplatz, Leinewebermarkt 2019

Lord Bishop Rocks - Klosterplatz, Leinewebermarkt 2019

Lord Bishop Rocks - Klosterplatz, Leinewebermarkt 2019
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These photos were taken at the Zoo in Duisburg. I used a few days vacation in May to drop by again. There are certainly zoos with a larger animal population, but I still find the Duisburg Zoo very beautiful. The various enclosures are mostly beautifully designed and offer photographers good views and locations. The Sony Alpha 7III together with the lens SEL 4.5-5.6 / 100-400 mm OSS GM and a 1.4x teleconverter were used. I also used the new animal eye autofocus and have to say that it works very well together with the tracking AF.


Splashing Dalmation Pelican

Splashing Dalmatian Pelican at the Zoo in Duisburg


Pelican island

Pelican island at the Duisburg Zoo


Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus)

Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus)


European Wildcat (Felix silverstris)

European wildcat in the Zoo in Duisburg


Red Panda enjoys bamboo

Red Panda enjoys bamboo 


Red Panda in a tree

Red panda in a tree


Curious little Red Panda

Curious little panda


The Boss - Male Lion

The boss: Male lion


Siamang #1

Siamang in a tree


Siamang #2

Siamang in a tree

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On 25 June 2019 I visited the Minden harbour and took some photos. It was a very sunny day and the pictures were taken in the late afternoon. Around this time you usually have a good light, which helps to work out structures and gives the photos depth and three-dimensionality. That's why I chose black-and-white photographs here and paid special attention to light and shadow in the postproduction. The pictures were taken with the Sony Alpha 7III together with the SEL 4/ 24-105 mm OSS G and SEL 4/ 12-24 mm G lenses.


Factory building at the harbour (Minden, Germany)

Factory building at the harbour (Minden, Germany)


Factory courtyard (Minden, Germany)

Factory courtyard (Minden, Germany)


Harbour panorama (Minden, Germany)

Harbour panorama (Minden, Germany)

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