In a supermarket nearby I found a flower pot with a yellow calla. It was the last one that was still there and it looked pretty worn out. I bought it anyway. Not that there aren't enough photos with a calla on them already, but I had the idea to make a tone-in-tone composition. The picture was taken in natural daylight in front of a piece of yellow cardboard. Since the blossom was not very big, I worked with the focus stacking technique. The image is composed of 20 individual shots. Thus the calyx is continuously sharp and stands out well from the blurred background. I used a Sony Alpha 7 III with a SEL 2.8/90 mm macro lens and a Novoflex CASTEL-MICRO to move the camera. All mounted on a tripod.


Yellow Calla (Zantedeschia)

Blossom of a yellow calla (Zantedeschia).

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