The flower portraits were created with a quite simple setup. As background I used colored cardboard, which was placed about 40 centimeters behind the flower. For the illumination I used two to three permanent lights with a standardized color temperature of 5400° Kelvin. This makes it easy to control the lighting. What should be taken into account is the ratio of shutter speed and AC frequency. Here in Germany, the electrical current is fed in at 50 Hertz. Therefore I use shutter speeds of less than 1/50 second for such light sources in order to avoid streaks in the picture. Since you should always use a tripod for tabletop photography anyway, this is not a big problem. The pictures were taken with a Sony Alpha 7III with the SEL 2.8/ 90 mm Macro OSS G lens. Since the depth of field is always quite small with short shooting distances like here, I used the technique of focus stacking to be able to show the whole flower sharply.


Portrait of a tulip

Portrait of a tulip (Tulipa).



Withered tulip (Tulipa).


Purple peruvian lily (Alstroemeria)

Purple Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria).

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