Right next to the office building where I work, there is a flower meadow since this year. A few months ago, the area was an unused field until wild flowers were sawn out. A good idea! Now it looks really nice, especially in the early morning. And the bees that live on the roof of our office should also be happy about it.

The first photo was taken around 5:30 in the morning. I used the ZEISS Batis Distagon 2.8 / 18 mm to give the picture depth and to include the building and the sky in the background. The close-up was taken a little later, when the sun had already risen. The lens used here was a ZEISS Batis Distagon 2 / 40 mm CF. Thanks to the short minimum focusing distance, the lens is also quite suitable for such photos.


Flower meadow

Flower meadow in July (Bielefeld, Germany)


White and yellow flower

White and yellow flower on a meadow (Bielefeld, Germany)


Meadow of flowers - Panorama

Meadow of flowers in Bielefeld-Stieghorst

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