Not far from Bielefeld's main station is the site of the 'Stadtwerke Bielefeld' (Public utility company). There is also a high chimney, which towers above all other buildings in Bielefeld. Actually I was in the area to photograph something completely different. But that was not as possible as I had thought. But the chimney in the thick morning fog looked very interesting and I took the opportunity for this picture. It was taken with the Sony Alpha R7IV and the Zeiss Batis Distagon 2/ 40 mm CF. Because it was still very dark, it was only possible with a tripod. The shutter speed was two seconds.

The second photo I took from a car park very close by. Here, however, with a wide angle lens, the Zeiss Batis Distagon 2/ 25 mm.


Chimney in the morning fog

Chimney in the morning fog (Bielefeld, Germany).


Parking with chimney

Parking with chimney (Bielefeld, Germany).

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