No real river flows through Bielefeld, but we do have some larger streams. The best known is the Lutter and this stream has an interesting history, because originally it did not flow from the southwest to the northeast through the city. As early as the late Middle Ages, part of the water was diverted to fill the moat in front of the city walls. Today there are no more city walls and no more moat, but the Lutter is still there. To prevent flooding during high water, three dammed ponds were built at the beginning of the 20th century. Today the ponds and the stream are surrounded by parks. The Protestant Apostle Church is located at the last dam pond with the number three.


Dam pond and 'Ev. Apostelkirche' (Protestant Apostle Church)

Dam pond and 'Ev. Apostelkirche' (Protestant Apostle Church) at dawn (Bielefeld, Germany).

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