Today it's time again for some impressions from my hometown Bielefeld. The pictures were taken on a few walks through the city center. Sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon and early evening. I took all the photos with the camera Fujifilm GFX 100S and various Fujinon lenses.

I honestly don't know if it was like this before, but the old town is decorated with lots of flowers this summer. looks really nice. The city administration has put big flower tubs in the main shopping streets and also many of the merchants, cafes and pubs join in. Really nice. And then, of course, there is our linen weaver. In the past, that is until the early 20th century, a lot of flax was grown around Bielefeld, which was then processed into linen in the factories in the city. Today, this no longer plays a role but we have set a monument to the old traditions. The Leineweber monument on the Altstädter Kirchplatz.

Our tram is not nearly as old as the linen weaving tradition, but it is still typical for Bielefeld. It runs on a total of four lines and connects the various districts with the city center. Very practical and environmentally friendly. On Kreuzstraße between the old town and Sparrenburg Castle, I photographed line 4 in the evening backlight.

The KONTOR building is located on the western edge of the city centre. Today it houses a civil engineer's office and a call centre. It was built in the early 20th century and is particularly striking because of its round main building. What even many Bielefeld citizens don't know is that it is a protected building, and that's a good thing.

A real landmark of the city, besides the Sparrenburg, is the Nikolai Church in the old town. Because it lies in the middle of the city and is therefore quite densely surrounded, it is not so easy to take a good photo of it. But with the right light and a few cyclists in the foreground, it works quite well. Also in the city center is the Ritterstraße. It is a small side street with smaller stores and cafes. Is a nice area and is photographed accordingly often. I used the reflections in a shop window to make a picture that stands out from the crowd. Finally, here is a picture from Oldentruper Straße. It is not located directly in the city center, but it is an important feeder road. And the backlight was just too beautiful not to take the photo.


Flowers on the Old Market

Flowers on the Old Market in June 2021 (Bielefeld, Germany).


Flowers at the Waldhof

Flowers at the Waldhof in July 2021 (Bielefeld, Germany).


The Linen Weavers' Monument

The Linen Weavers' Monument (Bielefeld, Germany).


Tram on the Kreuzstraße

Tram on the Kreuzstraße in July 2021 (Bielefeld, Germany).


KONTOR building at sunset

KONTOR building at the railroad embankment at sunset in July 2021 (Bielefeld, Germany).


Evening clouds over downtown Bielefeld

Evening clouds over downtown in July 2021 (Bielefeld, Germany).


Cyclists in the city center at the Nikolai Church

Cyclists in the city center in July 2021 (Bielefeld, Germany).


Shop window reflections at Ritterstraße

Shop window reflections at Ritterstraße in July 2021 (Bielefeld, Germany).


Car in the backlight on Oldentruper Straße

Car in the backlight on Oldentruper Straße in July 2021 (Bielefeld, Germany).

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