The 'Kesselbrink' is a larger square in the centre of Bielefeld. It used to be the central bus station and there is a large parking garage underneath the square. The square wasn't very nice in the past but it was redesigned a few years ago. On the north side, the former German Federal Post Office erected a high-rise building in 1974, which at that time housed the telecommunications office. Today the 'Deutsche Telekom' does not need the building anymore. Basically, the high-rise building does not fit into the cityscape of Bielefeld and unfortunately it has also become somewhat run-down in recent years. Now the Bielefeld company 'Goldbeck' has taken over the building and is renovating it thoroughly. Someone came up with the idea of using the facade as a projection screen over the Christmas days and lighting it up with Christmas greetings. A really nice idea. The photos of the illuminated building were taken late in the afternoon on December 25, 2019 at about a quarter past five.

A few words about technical aspects of the photos: The pictures were taken with the Sony Alpha 7RIV and the Zeiss Batis 2.8/ 18 mm lens. At aperture 8 and an ISO setting of 400, a longer exposure time was necessary, so I had to use a tripod. The lens is already very good at aperture 2.8, but the stars in the lights only appear when you stop down a little bit.


Merry Christmas on 'Kesselbrink'

Merry Christmas on Kesselbrink (Bielefeld, Germany).


Fenced Christmas

Fenced Christmas on 'Kesselbrink' (Bielefeld, Germany).

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