Occasionally I like to photograph silhouettes. Here are two pictures I took in the last days. The first one is taken very early in the morning and shows the chimney of the 'Ravensberger Spinnerei'. It is an old factory building from the 19th century in which a spinning mill was operated. In the time when it was built, Bielefeld was an important centre of the textile industry. Flax was grown in the region around the city, which was then processed into yarn and linen. Today this industry no longer exists. Textile production in Central Europe would be far too expensive. And probably nobody would build a factory today which architecture reminds more of a castle. The building is now a historical monument. The second photo was taken on one of the large squares in Bielefeld. On the 'Kesselbrink'.

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Dawn over the 'Ravensberger Spinnerei'

Dawn over the 'Ravensberger Spinnerei' (Bielefeld, Germany).


Urban silhouette on 'Kesselbrink'

Urban silhouette on the 'Kesselbrink' (Bielefeld, Germany).

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