Sometimes rain can also be quite nice. Even if it is rather rare. Last Friday was such a day. I was standing in Kirchdornberg, a district of Bielefeld, waiting for the bus. It was supposed to leave about 20 minutes after nine and I still had some time. The weather was changeable all day: clouds, sun and sometimes a little rain. Towards evening, however, the rain became more frequent and heavier. So I took shelter in the bus shelter. As dusk fell, the sky and the clouds became more and more dramatic. At the very end, everything was bathed in an unreal reddish light. Then it was only a few minutes until the bus was due to arrive. Just enough time for a photo of the two old buildings in the centre of the village. The other two pictures were taken a little earlier.


Village road, tavern and church

Village road, tavern and church in May 2021 (Bielefeld-Kirchdornberg, Germany).


Village square

Village square in May 2021 (Bielefeld-Kirchdornberg, Germany).


Rain clouds at dusk over Kirchdornberg

Rain clouds at dusk over Kirchdornberg in May 2021 (Bielefeld, Germany).

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