Eurasian Lynx at 'Tierpark Olderdissen' (Bielefeld, Germany).


Eye to Eye

eye to eye - eurasian lynx


Eurasian Lynx

eurasian lynx


Observant Lynx

observant lynx

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Research at CITEC - Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (Bielefeld University).



research - facade at the CITEC building (bielefeld university)

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Orange spiral at the 'Lippepark' on top of the heap of the abandoned coal mine 'Schacht Franz' (Hamm, Germany). Part of the project 'Haldenzeichen' (heapsign), designed by 'Berghaus Architekten'. 



orange spiral at the lippepark in hamm - haldenzeichen 


Spiral on a hill

orange spiral and chimney - haldenzeichen at lippepark in hamm

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Monolith at UNESCO World Heritage Site 'Zeche Zollverein' in Essen (Germany).



monolith - architectural photography at zeche zollverein

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Sunrise on a very cold December morning on top of a hill at the 'Lippepark' (Hamm, Germany).


Sunrise - December 5, 2016

Photograph of a sunrise on top of a hill at 'Lippepark' in Hamm (Germany).

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Silhouettes at the 'Datteln-Hamm-Kanal' on December 5, 2016 (Hamm, Germany).


Harbor Silhouette

Harbor silhouette at the 'Datteln-Hamm-Kanal' in Hamm, Germany.


Silhouette & Sun

Silhouette of an warehouse an silo complex at the 'Datteln-Hamm-Kanal' in Hamm, Germany.

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A foggy morning in the fields near Bielefeld (Germany) on November 26, 2016.



tree on a foggy morning


Five Trees

five trees in the fog 



rocks on a hilltop

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Half past six in the morning. Me and my camera, a tripod, the 'Sparrenburg' and no one else. A photographic experiment on Sunday, November 13, 2016. 


Sparrenburg 7:00 am

sparrenburg castle - early morning

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Sunrise - November (Ahlen, Germany)

sunrise - November 1, 2016 at Ahlen (Germany)

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Coal mine 'Westfalen' in Ahlen (Germany). This mine was the easternmost in the Ruhr district. The first coal was mined in 1912, the last on June 30, 2000. What is left today are the mining towers at shaft one and two and some buildings.


Westfalen #1

coal mine westfalen - mining towers


Westfalen #2

old building at the coal mine westfalen


Westfalen #3

coal mine Westfalen - ahlen, germany

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