The television tower 'Hünenburg' is Bielefeld's tallest building at 164 meters. It was built in 1972 on the ridge of the Teutoburg Forest and is a prominent part of the silhouette of the city. You can see the tower from almost anywhere. This photo was taken from Bielefeld-Quelle, south of the forest, on a summer evening half an hour after sunset. In the area on which the tower stands today a Germanic fortification was located in the time before Christ. But there are hardly any remnants of this fort today.


Sky in flames

Sky in flames at the Hünenburg

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Ubbedissen is a district of Bielefeld close to the city limits. Located directly on the Teutoburg Forest, it has a very rural character. These photographs were taken at 'Ubbedisser Berg' (hills in the Teutoburg Forest). All photos have been taken with the amazing little Leica CL camera and Vario-Elmar-TL zoom lenses.

Forest (Ubbedisser Berg, Bielefeld)

Spring in the Teutoburg Forest


Oak tree near Lämershagen (Bielefeld, Germany)

Oak tree near Lämershagen (Bielefeld, Germany)


Sunset (Ubbedisser Berg, Bielefeld)

Sunset (Ubbedisser Berg, Bielefeld)

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Kirchdornberg is a district on the western outskirts of Bielefeld in the Teutoburger Forest. The area is dominated by hills and fields and does not remind you of a big city. Even if Kirchdornberg is just a few kilometers away from the city center. The place has been inhabited since the Middle Ages. The oldest building is the 'Peterskirche' (St. Peters Church) with its tower from the 11th century. The photographs were taken on a morning in May 2018.


Power line poles

Power line poles at dawn (Kirchdornberg, Bielefeld).


Dawn on a country road

Dawn on a country road near Kirchdornberg (Bielefeld).


Sunrise in the fields (Hoberger Feldmark)

Sunrise in the field of the Hoberger Feldmark near Kirchdornberg (Bielefeld).


Kirchdornberg in the fields

Kirchdornberg in the fields at 6 am (Bielefeld).



Kirchdornberg (Bielefeld).

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Various photos of a morning walk in Bielefeld. All captured with the Leica CL and the Vario-Elmar-TL 1: 3.5-5.6 / 18-56 mm.


Railway signals

Railway signals at Bielefeld central station


Silhouette with traffic light

Silhouette with traffic light at Nikolaus-Dürkopp-Straße



Facade with a shadow at Obernstraße (downtown Bielefeld)

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More highway colors: Evening in late March at the newly build 'Autobahn A33' (Highway A33) in Bielefeld-Brackwede. This photo was taken with one of my favorite lenses, the Zeiss Batis 25 mm. The traffic is not very high yet. For the photo that was an advantage because the light trails stand out particularly well against each other. To darken the sky I used a ND gradient filter.


Highway A33 (Bielefeld-Brackwede)

Highway A33 - Autobahn A33 at Bielefeld-Brackwede

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Blue hour at the Bielefeld Central Hospital (Klinikum Bielefeld-Mitte) on a March evening after sunset. Photographed from the roof of a new car park at the 'Oelmühlenstraße'.


Central Hospital (Klinikum Bielefeld-Mitte)

Bielefeld Central Hospital

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Highway A2 (Autobahn A2) at Bielefeld-Sennestadt early in the morning before sunrise. The highway leads here through the Teutoburg Forest. This part of the route is known as 'Bielefelder Berg' and because of the speed camera a bubbling source of money for the city administration.


Highway A2 - Bielefelder Berg

Highway A2 (Autobahn A2) - Bielefelder Berg

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Architectural contrasts on a Sunday morning in Bielefeld city center: Old post office and Telekom tower on the Friedrich-Ebert-Straße.


Old post office and Telekom tower

Old post office and Telekom tower in Bielefeld

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Photographically, the University of Bielefeld is one of the most interesting buildings in the city. It is not particularly beautiful, but very impressive from many perspectives.


Landscape with University

landscape with Bielefeld University


Bielefeld University at dusk

Bielefeld University at dusk

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February sunrise and sunset in Bielefeld (Germany).


Winter morning

Winter morning with sunrise in Bielefeld-Baumheide 


Sunset in Bielefeld-Theesen

Sunset in Bielefeld-Theesen 

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