In 'Baumheide', a district of the city of Bielefeld, there are wooden sculptures on a footpath. I suppose they simply serve the purpose of landscape and park design. But somehow they also seem archaic to me. As if they were legacies of the old Germanic tribes, which after 2000 years have still not been cleared away. I have photographed the sculptures many times before. This picture was taken at dusk. It is a double exposure with the blurred lights of houses and traffic lights in the background. As lens I used the ZEISS Batis Apo Sonnar 2.8/ 135 mm.


Wooden Idol

Wooden idol at dusk in Bielefeld-Baumheide (Germany).

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Raindrops on a window at the tram stop 'Sieker Endstation'. April weather in March with lots of rain and storm. Cold and wet. But when the light breaks in the wet window panes it is also particularly beautiful.


Light drops (Bielefeld, Germany) 

Light drops on a window pane at 'Sieker Endstation' (Bielefeld, Germany).

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Telekom tower block in downtown Bielefeld. Most people in Bielefeld probably consider this building to be one of the ugliest in the city. But it also shapes the appearance like only a few others and it is an architectural document of its time. The 18-storey skyscraper was built in the 1970s. Deutsche Telekom no longer uses the building; it was sold to an investor who plans to rent apartments and offices in the future. Before that, however, a fundamental renovation is necessary. The photograph was taken with the Zeiss Batis Distagon 2.8/ 18 mm.


Telekom tower (Bielefeld, Germany)

Telekom tower in Bielefeld (Germany).

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Sometimes, even in our tidy inner cities, one encounters urban still lifes that seem to have fallen out of time. Facades where the plaster peels off, backyards with only scantily patched plaster - places that perhaps because they no longer fit into the cityscape seem to have a peculiar charm. This picture shows a backyard with a parking lot at the 'Van-Randenborgh-Weg' not far from the 'Kesselbrink' in Bielefeld (Germany). The photo was taken on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a 35 mm wide-angle lens.



Backyard at Van-Randenborgh-Weg in Bielefeld.

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Red light. Another picture at the 'Nikolaus-Dürkopp-Straße' in Bielefeld in the morning shortly before sunrise. This photo uses the ZEISS Basis Distagon 2/ 40 mm. I find this focal length very interesting, because for me it can replace a 35mm and a 50mm standard lens. The initial aperture of f/2 makes it easy to shoot without a tripod in situations like this.


Red light

Red traffic light at Nikolaus-Dürkopp-Straße in Bielefeld (Germany)

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The company 'Dürkopp' was a manufacturer of sewing machines founded in 1867. For a long time the production facilities were located in the centre of Bielefeld. The company itself later merged with 'Kochs Adler' and still exists today. However, the historic buildings are no longer in use. Today, offices and apartments are located in the building complex. The two old towers at the 'Nikolaus-Dürkopp-Straße' are particularly attractive from an architectural point of view. Since the street, which bears the name of the company founder, has an orientation from east to west, the light in the morning is often very beautiful and is ideal for photographs. Both pictures were taken early at around seven o'clock in the morning with the ZEISS Batis Distagon 2.8/ 18 mm.



Crossing on Nikolaus-Dürkopp-Straße


Morning glow

Morning glow at Nikolaus-Dürkopp-Straße in Bielefeld

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Graffiti in the light of a street lamp at the 'Brüderpfad' in Bielefeld. The photo was taken very early in the morning in the centre of Bielefeld. Here I used the ZEISS Batis Distagon 2.8/ 18 mm.



Graffiti in the light of a street lamp 

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I already photographed the sunrise over Bielefeld and the 'Sparrenburg' (Sparrenburg Castle) last autumn. So some months ago. But since everyone who has seen it so far thinks it's especially beautiful, I'm sure it can also be published in February. The picture was taken from 'Johannisberg'. In the foreground you can see the vines that were planted here a few years ago. Bielefeld is actually too far north for winegrowing and I suspect that the quality of the grapes here is not really good. But it looks nice. The image was photographed with a super wide angle lens. I used the Sony FE 4/ 12-24 mm G with a focal length of 12 mm.


Johannisberg - Autumn sunrise

Johannisberg (Bielefeld) - Autumn sunrise

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Platform at Bielefeld main station on a cloudy morning in early January 2019. In the background you can see the buildings of the 'Stadtwerke Bielefeld' (Bielefeld municipal utilities). This picture was taken with the very good ZEISS Batis Sonnar 1.8/ 85 mm.


Railway platform (Bielefeld)

Railway platform at Bielefeld main station

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Green traffic light man at the 'Herforder Straße' in Bielefeld. Actually I just wanted to try out the bokeh of the new ZEISS Batis Distagon 2/ 40 mm CF. But the picture has also become quite attractive. And of course the bokeh is beautiful.


Green traffic light man

Green traffic light man

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